Introducing Alfie's Dog Grooming to Soham, Ely and
Studlands Park Estate, Newmaket.


Why Choose us?
  • Best prices guaranteed
  • FREE consultation
  • FREE tick removal
  • Collection available
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning and plucking
  • De-matting
  • Hair styles as requested - All breed standards are available
  • Hand stripping (please note this can only performed on certain coats)
  • We believe health and safety is the most important so we will take time to know about you and your dog before we start any grooming. We respect animals, their feelings and worries too, so it is worth spending time to let them feel comfortable and safe.
  • We do not rush any grooms or stress any dogs in our care as we would rather spend longer relaxing your pet so they have an enjoyable experience. 

Same day, evening and weekend appointments may be available.

We also stock:

Pet beds - from £7.50

Handmade crotched with recycled fabric these are perfect for your pets zzzzzzz time.
 Various sizes available.

Homemade natural ingredient dog biscuits - 6 for £1

Proving very popular with the dogs we have 4 different types:

Barney's Banana Biscuits: Carrots, banana, flour, rolled oats, sunflower oil

Bruno's Cheese Crunchies: Almonds, hazelnuts, emmental cheese, flour, honey

Bella's Buttermilk Snacks: Chicken livers, sunflower oil, buttermilk, flour

Dexter's Cheese Dreams: Cottage cheese, parmesan cheese, flour, vegetable oil, hazelnuts