About Us

Alfie is my 6 year old Yorkshire Terrier x Jack Russell and is well known for his endless energy and very friendly nature to both other dogs and people. At the end of 2013 we relocated from South London to Newmarket to become country bumpkins!

The reason I have set up Alfie's Dog Grooming is because, my dog actually prefers going to the vets over going to a dog groomer! I believe no dog should have such a bad experience and feel like this, therefore want to give a good experience to all dogs that visit Alfie's Dog Grooming.

In 2011 I trained at Wagging Tails Dog Groomers/Parlor in Chelsea where I covered many breeds learning about different types of cuts/styles and behaviors.

I have a fully equipped salons and an easy locations to get to in Soham (same road as Scampers Pet Shop) and Studlands Park Estate, Newmarket.


Barney and Jazzy recently had a grooming experience the evening before their first PDSA Dog Show in Beckenham. Very pleased to announce that Barney won a first, three seconds  and ....
Best in Show!


Dots is a well known Bedlington Terrier cross in Crystal Palace park, her first grooming experience with us was such a success not just appearance wise but also behavior, she transformed into a very happy, confident, more care free dog much to her owner Phil's delight.

Before                                    After

With complete delight we had an enquiry from Paul, Dottie's owner regarding a grooming appointment, in reading the background of Alfie, he couldn't get over the similarities of our two dogs, as it turns out Dottie is in fact Alfie's sister!
What was more of a coincidence is that Paul couldn't decide if he wanted the boy or the girl left available in the litter and I spoke to breeder and agreed to have which ever one that was left. Play dates are now a regular occurance and owners have now become firm friends.


Please also take a look at Alfie's Dog Grooming Facebook page for regular feedback and comments from customers.